FAQ - Funny Face Bakery


How should I store the iced cookies to preserve the quality of the cookies?
Room temperature - the fridge and the condensation could potentially ruin the cookie.

Can express ship my order?
All orders placed online are ground shipping. However, if you call the shop we can expedite the shipping and adjust the price of your order.

The minimum custom cookie order are 10 cookies, can I get 5 different faces?
Unfortunately not. It’s a minimum of ordering 10 cookies per sketch.

Do you offer returns or refunds on any of your items?
No, we don't! If you aren't happy with the initial Make A Funny Face sketch, please let us know and we will send you a new sketch accordingly until you are satisfied.

Are there any large order discounts?
Unfortunately, we don't offer discounts on any orders. All of our cookies are hand painted by our talented artists and time-consuming labor goes into every order -large or small.

What do you paint the cookies with?
Food coloring.

Do you offer Gluten Free or Vegan Sugar Cookies?
Not yet! Hopefully soon.