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Duo Cookies & Gooey Cookies

"We came for cookies the night we got engaged too, and we were like OMG this is our “cake” lol! You guys are awesome and working with you all was such a pleasure. We appreciate you being a part of our lives & big day!!"

Sarah S.
Brooklyn, NY

Custom Portrait

"The custom portrait cookie was such a special delivery from my granddaughter. After 83 birthdays - this gift was by far the most unique"

San, Antonio TX

Custom Portrait

"The sweetest surprise I’ve ever received. It brought me to tears - like looking in the mirror"

Courtney N.
Easton, CT

Corporate Gifting

"We worked with Funny Face bakery for a corporate event and our clients LOVED it! They elicited so much excitement from the team, weeks later they are still mentioning the cookies. Our favorite was the custom Pete Davidson cookie, it was so life like! We can’t wait to work with you again."

Jessica N.

Custom Portrait

"I got my kid on a cookie and it was just too f*cking cute"

Sylvia H.

Custom Portrait

"They say 'you are what you eat' And I can confirm that I’m pretty delicious 😋🍪"

Taelor Pawnell

Decorated Cookies

I received their cookies in the mail and they are so cool! So much detail is put into the designs and they are great for different occasions. I love that they ship to different states and they arrived in perfect condition. I can't wait to make a trip to NYC to try them in person!


Custom Face Cookies

"Funny Face Bakery attention to detail is incredible! For our family holiday card, they created 6 family portraits. They nailed every freckle, the twinkle in the eyes, color of the hair, and even our daughter's favorite earrings! Truly magical!"

Lori Levine

Gooey Cookies

"Great cookie in all the best ways possible. Krispy on the edges and yummy and chewy on the inside! All around best cookie in NYC and probably the country "

Storefront Customer
Ordered Crispy Mallow Crunch

Decorated Cookie Giftbox

"I ordered some cookies for my friend who just got a new job - they shipped the next day to Brooklyn and she loved them!"

Shipped Decorated Cookies