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Our Story

                 Sarah Silverman opened the doors to her bakery in April 2016. She named the shop Cupcake Market, fully expecting her cupcakes topped with Swiss meringue buttercream to be the best-sellers. On opening day she sold her entire stock (18 cookies) of hand painted Trump, Hilary and Bernie facecookies. Her initial goal was to potentially capture the attention of East Village passersby in the midst of election season. To her surprise, the few people that had the chance to get their hands on a limited facecookie posted and tagged photos all over social media. 

A year later, Sarah made the first custom facecookies for her loyal, and very first, customer. Then, another for a close friend's birthday. Not long after, word-of-mouth spread like wild fire and transcended the bakery into a custom facecookie powerhouse. 


 Orders were flying in with requests for cookies to be made of customer's boyfriends, kids, mom, dad, best friend, pets, etc. After the influx of orders, Sarah wasn't able to carefully handcraft them all on her own. So, she called for help and selected a team of the most talented artists - with either a degree (or pending) from Pratt or School of Visual Arts.



We'd now like to re-introduce our growing bakery as Funny Face Bakery. We still use all of the same delicious ingredients and meticulous illustrative skill – The Cupcake Market has just undergone what we like to call a brand glow-up.

We’re still notorious for our spot-on celebrity Funny Faces, realistic Custom Face Cookies, gooey 6 ounce Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies, the original cupcakes, and a variety of other mouth-watering sweets. We encourage you to stop by our home that we call "work" in the heart of East Village near Tompkins Square Park, enjoy a delicious treat, and meet our fun and incredibly talented bakery fam!